Chromebook 1:1 for 2020-2021 School Year

During the March School Board meeting, a proposal was approved to purchase new Chromebooks and cases for Riverton Parke Jr/Sr. High School.  We will start the 2020-21 school year with each student receiving a school issued Chromebook to use for academic purposes.  Currently, we have a set number of Chromebooks in each classroom and have allowed students to bring their own device, but we have found this method inadequate.  We simply do not have enough students bringing their own device and we see the need for providing Chromebooks continuing to rise.  Devices are being borrowed from other classrooms for everyday use.  During state mandated test windows, devices have to be pulled from classrooms for the use of testing.  Going back to the true one-to-one approach will eliminate these issues, as well as other issues we face, with a limited amount of devices for our students.  We appreciate your support in this transition process.  Given the current issues we face with closure, there are certainly more important things to worry about, but we feel as if we need to get this message out so that parents are prepared for the next school year.  Please contact the school directly if you have any questions.