RPJH Student Council Plays Active Role

Riverton Parke Junior High Student Council plays an active role in its school and community. Students are given the opportunity to develop leadership opportunities by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. The student council has been busy planning events which contribute to school spirit and community welfare. By participating in Student Council members gain valuable leadership skills along with recognizing the value of teamwork. 

The Student Council has written letters to soldiers, made blankets, made snowmen for the nursing home, went caroling at the nursing home, planned a Halloween and Valentine’s Day dance, worked at the concession stand, and made a commercial for other students concerning improving grades

“Our motto in  Jr High Student Council is ‘leave people better than you find them, ’” says Sharon Brown, student council member.  The students also promote Communerosity; generosity and a sense of community. The RPJH Student Council sponsor is Kathy Alfke.

Members of Riverton Parke Jr. High Student Council are shown, in front from left: Dane Lowry, Sharon Brown, Adam Collom, Mallory Cash, Hazelle Hill, and Logan Johnson. In the back are: Brielle Cottom, Elizabeth Robertson, Alyssa Fleschner, Charlie Belcher, Reann Neyhart, Bridgette Adams, and Kaitlyn Koch.