What is Promise Indiana or The Promise?

The Promise or Promise Indiana is a program, started in 2013, to help more families in the state of Indiana save for their child’s education beyond high school using the state’s College Choice 529 plan. The Promise includes savings incentives for starting a College Choice 529 direct plan, community matches for meeting savings or education-related goals, and activities in schools for kids to learn about college and careers, such as a campus visit called “Walk Into My Future.” The Promise is targeted primarily at families of kindergarten students but is being expanded to provide opportunities to families throughout their child’s schooling years to prepare for post-secondary education and help students build a “college-bound identity.” For more details regarding this statewide program click here.

The Parke County Community Foundation is offering the Promise to all students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. For more information check out the Community Foundation website at this link.

**If you already have an existing College Choice 529 account and would like to use that account to join the Promise Program, complete the Existing Account Form and return to your child's school.

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